GCS exclusively uses Saint-Gobain ceramics, the Liners are manufactured locally, using either customized polyurethane or vulcanized rubber matrix. The production process has been specifically engineered to allow for a large degree in flexibility in the finished product. This allows for the design of custom liner kits, specific to the intended application and providing the optimum life performance.

Strict installation and quality control procedures are followed in the fit up of all the designed liner kits. Where capable, GCS works to a zero-gap tolerance between liners to prevent premature failure and allow the maximum life expectancy to be achieved.

3D Scanning, Drafting and Deformation Reporting


combines the superior wear characteristics of a high alumina ceramic with the high tensile/elongation properties of our custom-made Polyurethane or rubber matrix. Impact liners are also available with a variety of high performing ceramic composites. These include but are not limited to:


This liner offers a performance second to none. This system has been designed with the most demanding applications in mind, providing a solution to numerous problem areas where standard ceramic materials would previously not be recommended. This product currently features 92% alumina, however, can also be customized to feature the materials listed above.


is a skirt liner system that aids in the material flow along a conveyor system, with a zero-gap tolerance and no risk to wear on the belt itself. The Zero Tile is also considerably lighter than current systems and therefore further decreases any safety risks associated with handling and installation. This system is available in two models:


Provides a low-cost solution to areas experiencing sliding abrasion with little to no impact. Suitable applications include: